SweetHeat Miami was an idea birthed from the mind of DJ Dimples. She had longed to throw an event that encompassed what she believed to be the ultimate party getaway…a Utopia on Earth if you will. After years of deejaying other parties and events across South Florida and the United States, she dreamed of starting her own weekend that celebrated women from all over the world.

Dimples knew this task would not be easy so she spent much of 2007 planning what would be SweetHeat Miami’s inaugural events. Since a large part of her DJ career was spent in clubs on South Beach, she decided to make it the epicenter for the weekend’s events. She allied with clubs and people that she had established relationships with and soon her dreams were realized on May 15-18, 2008.

That weekend, SweetHeat Miami welcomed more than 1,000 ladies from across the United Stated who, like Dimples, weren’t prepared for how great a time was had. It goes to show that a bright sun, a sandy beach and a beautiful bikini can’t be denied. If you didn’t believe Cindi Lauper when she sang “Girl’s just want to have fun..” you did that weekend.

In 2009, expectations were surpassed as over 8,000 ladies filled the streets of South Beach to experience what some had gotten a taste of the year before. To say the least, the venues were packed and celebrity guests were excited to participate after hearing word of its success the year prior. SweetHeat was on its way to becoming a major player in the community and industry.

Fast forward to merely six years later to 2015, and SweetHeat Miami welcomed over 40,000 women from across the world to come and celebrate unity and enjoy the sweet Utopia on Earth. Providing an exclusive weekend experience that women from all walks of life can enjoy.

Ultimately, SweetHeat Miami is unique in that it is the ONLY continuous party on South Beach catering to women of all races. The atmosphere since its start has always been one of celebration, appreciation and acceptance of whom and what these women represent both in their personal lives and as a community.

The response from our target audience is at an all-time high. We have received feedback from those who have already started making preparations. We cannot wait to share the surprises we have in store. If you haven’t started making preparations, the time is now! LET’S GO!